Fintactix Financial Calculators

#CategoryTitleCalculator URL
1AutoCalculate a Vehicle Payment
2AutoLow Rate or Cash Back?
3AutoCompare Monthly Payment by Term
4AutoVehicle Affordability by Loan Term
5AutoCompare Two Vehicle Loans
6AutoGas Mileage Savings with a Fuel Efficient Vehicle
7AutoPurchase or Lease a Vehicle
8MortgageCalculate a Mortgage Payment
9MortgageRent or Buy?
10MortgageProceeds from Sale of a Home
11MortgageHome Affordability
12MortgageCompare Two Mortgage Loans
13MortgageAdjustable-Rate Mortgage Analyzer
14MortgageTime to Refinance?
15MortgageCalculate Home Closing Costs
16MortgageCompare a Bi-Weekly Mortgage to a Monthly Mortgage
17MortgageDebt-to-Income Calculator
18MortgageDown Payment Calculator
19MortgageLoan Amount Calculator
20Home EquityThe Equity in Your Home
21Home EquityCalculate a Home Equity Loan Payment
22Home EquityCalculate a Home Equity Line of Credit Payment
23Home EquityUsing Home Equity for a Major Purchase
24Home EquityHome Equity Loan or Line of Credit?
25Home EquityConsolidating Debt with Home Equity
26Home EquityPaying Off a Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit
27SavingsThe Impact of Saving More
28SavingsThe Benefits of Compounding
29SavingsSave for College
30SavingsSave to be a Millionaire
31SavingsWhat Will My Savings Be Worth?
32SavingsSave Towards a Goal
33SavingsSave for a Rainy Day
34SavingsCompare Two CDs
35SavingsCalculate Your Savings at Maturity
36RetirementHow Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?
37Retirement401(k) Calculator
38RetirementTraditional 401(k) or Roth 401(k)?
39RetirementRetirement Income Estimator
40RetirementSpend It or Invest in an IRA?
41RetirementEstimate Social Security Benefits
42RetirementSave for Retirement
43DebtDebt Consolidation
44DebtMake Bi-Weekly Payments
45DebtMeet a Debt Payoff Goal
46DebtHow Long Will It Take to Pay Off a Credit Card?
47DebtUse a Lump Sum to Pay Down Debt
48DebtAre Credit Card Balance Transfers Worth It?
49DebtIncrease Your Monthly Payment
50DebtCalculate a Loan Payment
51BudgetHow Much Am I Spending?
52BudgetBalance Your Checking Account
53BudgetHousehold Cash Flow Tracker
54BudgetSpare Change
55BudgetCalculate Your Net Worth
56BudgetSave or Pay Off Debt?
57BudgetKeep Working or Stay at Home?
58InsuranceThe Value of Your Future Earnings
59InsuranceCalculate Your Life Insurance Needs
60InsuranceCalculate Your Disability Insurance Needs
61InsuranceCalculate Your Long Term Care Needs
62InsuranceSave for Long Term Care
63InsuranceReach Your Health Savings Account Goal
64InsuranceHealth Savings Account or Traditional Health Plan?
65Business FinanceRepaying a Business Loan
66Business FinanceBusiness Loan or Line of Credit?
67Business FinancePurchase or Lease Equipment?
68Business FinanceProjecting Your Cash Flow
69Business FinanceFinancial Ratio Analysis
70Business FinanceBusiness Debt Consolidation
71Business FinanceCalculate a Business Loan Payment
72Business ManagementSaving to Start a Business
73Business ManagementThe Value of Your Business
74Business ManagementSales Volume Required to Break Even
75Business ManagementBusiness Inventory Requirements
76Business ManagementDetermine Your Working Capital Requirements
77Business ManagementGross Margin Analysis
78Business ManagementAccounts Receivable Analysis
79Business ManagementTotal Employee Compensation Package
80Business MarketingCalculate Your Email Marketing ROI
81Business MarketingCalculate Your Conversion Rate
82Business MarketingPay-per-Click Advertising ROI
83Business MarketingCalculate Your Direct Mail ROI
84Business MarketingOptimize Your Sales Pipeline
85Business MarketingOptimize Your Sales Pipeline
86Business MarketingCalculate Customer Lifetime Value